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Hairy Crab

Season runs through the eighth, ninth and tenth months of the lunar calendar. Originated as a delicacy among the Shanghainese community but has gained popularity throughout China and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. They are noted for their golden roe and are typically eaten with black vinegar with slices of ginger and savoured with yellow wine or finished with a cup of ginger tea to counteract the inherent "cooling" nature of the Hairy Crab.

Area of Origin

Suzhou Pin Qiu Yangcheng Hu Hairy Crab(苏州品秋阳澄湖大闸蟹)hail from the famed Yangcheng Lake - known for decades to be home to Hairy Crab that have sweet meat and great amount of Roe and Milt! They can be easily identified with their "Golden Claws, Green Shell Coverings, White Belly and Yellow Hair". The larvae of Pin Qiu Hairy Crab Breeding Base are Chinese Velvet Crab at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The larvae are thrown in mid-March every year, about 800 to 1,000 per acre and the breeding cycle is about six to seven months. In the early stage, they feed on the natural aquatic plants and animals in the aquaculture waters, while in the later stage, small fish, small shrimp, snail, corn, etc. are fed. In mid to late September, they are ready to be netted.

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  • Bought from the same seller last year during hairy crab season. Value for money. Next day delivery upon placing the order. All 10 crabs are alive and fresh. Should place the crab belly up when steaming. Will definitely buy again. Thank you for making special arrangement for the delivery.

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  • Seller is accomodating and sent the items on preferred date. Quality of the crabs? Hmm...it's too good that's why forgot to take picture earlier! Busy eating. Will i order again? MOST DEFINITELY. If you're having six crabs, please order extra bottle of vinegar. Luckily i did! Yums!

    findjsi, 29 Oct 2022 
  • Steamed for 15mins and felt that’s the right amount of time. Orders were executed 1 day after, Delivery were swift and crabs were fresh We’ve followed Mamago for several years now and they have always been professional and prompt in responses

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