Refund Policy

Your satisfaction remains our top priority!

At Mamago, we prioritise the quality and freshness of the perishable items we deliver to our esteemed customers. We acknowledge that, occasionally, issues may arise requiring attention. To ensure your satisfaction, we have established the following refund policy for our perishable items, with all refunds subject to the discretion of management.

1. Damaged, Spoiled, or Incorrect Product(s)

In the rare event that any of our products contain any damaged, spoiled, or incorrect product(s) at the point of delivery, do not accept the damaged, spoiled, or incorrect product(s). Please contact us within 24 hours at and provide us with your order number, a detailed description of the issue, and photographic evidence. Upon prompt investigation, if your claim is determined to be valid, we may offer a refund, replacement, or store credit at our sole discretion.

2. Delivery

The products will be your responsibility from the time we deliver the products to the address you have provided us and/or once you have collected the products from us. Once the order has been accepted, we are not liable for any damage that is rendered to the product(s) and/or any other items (including gifts, cooler bags, etc.) purchased or gifted from us upon delivery or collection. We do not allow exchanges, returns, or refunds, and we will not accept any liability either for any damage sustained to the product and/or any other items thereafter or for any failure to follow the instructions provided once delivered.

For any delay in the delivery of your order, we will inform you accordingly and dispatch the order once possible. The time for delivery shall not be of the essence, and neither we nor our agents shall be liable for any loss and/or delay in delivery, however caused.

3. Live and Perishable Product(s)

Live items such as hairy crab is a perishable product and should be consumed shortly after delivery to ensure freshness. These hairy crab are packaged with ice packs and placed in foam boxes or thermal bags to maintain freshness during transportation. It is normal for the hairy crab to enter a state of hibernation during transit, but they remain alive. Our packers consistently ensure that the hairy crabs are fresh and alive before leaving our Cold room storage for delivery. In the rare event that you discover any of the hairy crab to be deceased within three hours of delivery, please contact us through WhatsApp +65 8738 0298. Please provide us with your order number, and a 10 seconds video of the affected hairy crab. Upon prompt investigation, if your claim is determined to be valid, we may offer a refund, replacement, or store credit at our sole discretion. This only applies to the affected item(s). Such occurrences are extremely rare, as we adhere to strict quality control measures during packaging.

4. Disclaimer

No refund will be issued if you are not present at the requested address to receive the items promptly during the delivery. Upon confirmation, no changes in the delivery date, time or location are allowed, unless you notify us 24 hours in advance. 

If no one is available at the designated delivery location to receive the order(s) at the time of delivery, the order(s) will be left at your doorstep and there will be no refund if any perishable item(s) in your order(s) become unfit for consumption.

In the event that an incorrect or incomplete delivery address has been provided, the order(s) will be returned to our office and rescheduled for delivery on the subsequent business day, with an additional delivery fee of $30.00 applicable. Any perishable products in your order(s) not dispatched within the following four business days will be promptly disposed of at your expense to ensure product freshness. 

Please note the following:

  • Refund requests must be submitted within the specified time frame of the delivery as outlined above. Requests submitted after this period will not be considered.
  • Refunds, replacements, or store credits will be processed within 7-10 business days of approval and are subject to our sole discretion.
  • We reserve the right to deny a refund, replacement, or store credit if the claim is determined to be invalid or fraudulent.
  • In the case of a refund, the amount refunded will be limited to the price of the item(s) in question and will exclude delivery fees.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our Refund Policy. For more information, please refer to out Store Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop us a message through WhatsApp +65 8738 0298 or email us at