hairy crab review

Hairy Crab Singapore Review (2022) – 5 Incredible Hot Sauces by Brian Kennett @islifearceipe

Mamago new BFFs - Brian Kennett is an English born and bred foodie who has been living in Singapore for some 15 years. He has not just been living here though, rather he has embraced the country & it’s Asian neighbours as his 2nd home absorbing the cultures and of course the food.

His family is a blend of English, Japanese and Filipino, with 5 kids, so truly living the Asian life and has a second home in the beautiful island of Bohol, the Philippines. It’s more fun in the Phillippines!”

He created "Is Life a Recipe" - a Singapore Food Blog which is a mix of his own recipes, travels, family fun, restaurant and hawker reviews. It’s an eclectic blend of East meets West and fusion from his travels to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and many more beyond.

Brian has also won many cooking accolades which we think makes this Singapore Food Blog unique as he has walked the walk not just talked the talk, or got others to do the writing for them. He has a Chef Table BBQ service called ChillaxBBQ bringing fine dining to your BBQ, he has won Jamie Oliver cooking competition, self-published a cook book to raise money for charities in Cambodia and even took over a restaurant as Head Chef for a night – Kilo Under PressureBrian has also recently been the first "Angmo" ever on Master Chef Singapore, with an appearance on Series 3. A humbling experience to stand alongside the best home Chefs from Singapore, and survive an elimination round whilst having to use his nemesis – FISH – as the core ingredient. He also appeared on CNN Radio.

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